All events at Lake Louise are Canceled for the rest of the season

Lake Ice, Trail, and Snow Conditions


Trail Conditions Reporting: March 19, 2020

General information:

Since my last report on March 5th the only major weather event was a two day wind of 10 mph with gusts around 15 mph. That doesn't sound like much but it pretty much drifted in the lake trail and where the other trails cross swamps and small ponds. Last week we still where having minus teen temperatures in the mornings and warming to the high teens in the afternoons. This week seems to be just the opposite, Lows at night in the single digits and warm as 36 deg. yesterday afternoon. The weather service says this trend will last till the weekend then fall back to cooler temperatures. They also predict chances of some snow during this period.

The corona virus has forced all of the schedule events at the lake to be canceled but that shouldn't stop folks from riding our trails. We're continuing to groom all the trails where needed and should have them all finished by this weekend. Tuesday we groomed the Lake Trail, Yesterday the Tolsona Trail, and Friday we'll groom the Moore Loop Trail. Crosswinds, Cindy, and Big Rock will be gone over as well. The trails are all in prime shape right now, better than I've ever seen.

One additional trail we opened this week is the trail down Tyone Lake to Nipple Mountain. Stay on the trail to avoid possible deep overflow. Yes overflow is still being reported on the lakes. Be aware and be prepared!

As an additional point, Lake Louise and the Point Lodges are still open for business with limited services. Check their web pages, Facebook , or call for current information.

As a Reminder . . . . Whenever you go riding leave someone a travel plan. It may save your life!

Snow report:
No new snow

Ice conditions:
Ice is over 24" thick.

Travel in pairs is advisable.  Stay away from the channels.

  • All remaining wolfpack clothing can be purchased at the Point Lodge at a reduced price.